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Our German Interpreter in Kiev - price is just € 20 Euro an hour (consecutive German interpreter) and our prices for business & technical German interpreters in Ukraine, Kiev are negotiable.

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We also offer interpreters in Kiev speaking Chinese and Polish .

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Oral translators and interpreters provided for business travel and private tours to Ukraine's capital. Interpreter for trip all over Ukraine

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If you need an attractive female interpreter for english/ukrainian translation help at the important personal meetings and to act as an assistant, tour guide & advisor

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If you require Kiev interpreter for Russian/English translation help at the very important business meeting, event or presentation... or Kiev Interpreter "for an hour"..

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Competitive prices for our English, French, Ukrainian, Italian and German oral translation and interpretation services provided to foreigners in Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine...

Prices for Kiev Interpreters & Additional Services in Kiev, Ukraine

* Consecutive Interpreting Russian (Ukr)-English:
Consecutive Casual Interpreting: oral translation for private appointments, socializing, all sorts of the important meetings: fixed daily rate - $200 USD.
(daily rate for Interpreter). Minimum order is $100.
◊ Local Kiev interpreters - only $25 USD per hour. Our Interpreters in Kiev with 5 years of experience!
* Consecutive Interpreting for Business: oral translation services for business negotiations, conferences, important business meetings and presentations, professional technical English interpreters - the price is subject to negotiation.

* Special offer: English Interpreter "for an Hour"
We offer Kiev interpreters for a short period of time of - two hours at a fair fixed price of only $ 60 USD
Ideal for meeting Kiev penpals, friends and dating: Our Kiev interpreters perform translations during communication with locals at personal meetings &
private conversations between males & females.
Kiev interpreter/translator with - 5 years experience.

* Interpreter services German - Russian (Ukr.):
German Kiev interpreters - only € 20 Euro per hour.
Qualified & professional interpreting assistance. Our prices for business and technical German interpreter in Ukraine's capital Kiev are Negotiable.
Minimum order for German Kiev interpreter - € 100

* Individual Interpreting Russian (Ukr.) - English:
Individual (whispered, elbow) Interpreting service - simultaneous translation of everything that the speaker says in a low voice. Required for an immediate understanding and response during informal discussions & meetings in Kiev Ukraine.
◊ Per hour based rate - is only $25 USD an hour .

* Russian and Ukrainian Tour Interpreter in Kiev:
Kiev Tour Interpreter Translator - Accompanying individuals or delegations during a business trip, Kiev tour & all sorts of meetings or conversations.
Casual and Business consecutive interpretations.
* Tour interpreting is trully ideal for small groups. Per hour based rate - only from $25 USD per hour .


* Private English-speaking Guide in Kiev (Kyiv) :
Private Kiev guide: sightseeing, visiting places of interest, casual interpreting services, assistance while visit to Kiev & certified tour guide service. Fixed per hour based rate is as low as $ 25 USD . Private Italian, German, French guides - € 20 / hour Guided tours in Kiev city, private tour guide in Kiev.
* Consecutive Interpreters Italian - Russian (Ukr):
Italian casual Kiev Interpreters € 20 Euro an hour. Minimum order for Italian Kiev interpreter - € 100. Italian interpreters in Kiev for business meetings, negotiations, exhibitions, tours: Negotiable prices.

* Special offer: Best-Priced Freelance Interpreter
Order Kiev freelance interpreters from Ukrainian, Russian,English at a fair rate $20 USD an hour.
Kiev freelance male or female interpreters for general subject & non-business communication.. Freelance Interpreters with 3 years of experience An adequate free-lance interpreter in Kiev, Ukraine for all your casual conversations can be hired...

* Interpreter services French - Ukrainian (Rus.):
Kiev French interpreters - only € 20 Euro per hour.
Interpreter in Kiev of French - Russian, Ukrainian. Our prices for business and technical French interpreter in Ukraine's capital Kiev are Negotiable.
Minimum order for French Kiev interpreter - € 100 .

* We offer Additional Services in Kiev, Ukraine:
Kyiv Airport Transfer (pick-up) services $ 100 USD.
Meeting client at Kiev airport "Borispol" $100 USD.
Meeting client at Kiev bus, train station - $100 USD.
Kiev cell phone rentals is available $10 USD daily.
Negotiable prices for other value-added Services:
Reservation of Kyiv local bus, train & plane tickets.

* Correspondence Translation English, German :
Russian, Ukrainian Correspondence translations.
We offer our clients written translations of private and business correspondence i.e. translation of letters, handwritten letters, chat listings & e-mails. Private letter (e-mail) translation is $0.02 per word.
Business letter translation fee only $0.05 per word.